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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Goodbye 2014 & Hello 2015!

Looking back at 2014, this year turned out to be neither bad nor good year since a while. Here are some accomplished notes:

. Passed two among Google certificates on the first day of Lunar New Year

. Moved to a new team with new & very busy job, but thanks God, it let me challenge myself! :) I am still survive! (^_^)
. Join in Shutterstock contributors after one year registration and leave :D Here is the link in case you would like to buy some http://www.shutterstock.com/g/schbackpacker
. Got messages from my 10-year ex, after that he disappeared, again.
. 12 Oak Trees online bakery shop has been growing more day after day, but no time to concentrate to my passion :|
. Back to Dai Lanh n times (with n = 5 or 6), first time to Krabi but missing this place & somebody there so much.
. Canceled my Penang trip in Apr after considering some reasons. Prepared it again in Sep but the trip was delayed until now as my friend who is living in Australia could not arrange his time to join.
. Reached Phu Quy Islands in a complicated & toilsome trip: final decision at last minute, the boat to the islands was corrupt on the go (12 hours in the sea, in the dark night), and if unfortunately, we missed the boat back to Phan Thiet fishing port.
. Went to Northwest Vietnam to take pictures of rice fields, but late. 
. Trekking four hours in the rainforest in Koh Rong Samloem. It rained, dark, and there was the roar of a beast...
. First time appear on ANTV channel (New World program) to share my experience in travelling as a backpacker
. 6 trips in this year only, which means I traveled much less than before. And maybe 2015 will be less more :(

. With a friend, asked, but he didn't say yes, so should I let him go?

Forward to 2015, my first bucket list is for this year. Hope can do it all!

. Travel less but long trip and new destination, make big trips on small budget with a fancy notebook :)
. A secret book to write down all recipes I love, test and be happy with (as you may know I've never remembered what ingredients were)
. Save time to read more books, at least one per month. Is it ok?
. Back to learn how to play guitar again after terminating it in three years
. Craft, cross-stitch and other hobbies will be re-started with my best try
. Write more, blog more and shoot more
. Learn about professional photography
. Make my dream project comes true "Experience cities as a local". It will help people who travel to Ho Chi Minh City or other provinces in Vietnam get more useful information for their trip
. Hope to manage and operate 12 Oak Trees smoothly under my control

That's all! We also turn to the 4th page of a new 365 pages book. Wait and see what we can do for the rest! :)
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