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Monday, July 10, 2006

My wish for today...

... is you should remember 6Ps in your life. That means Positive Thinking, Peaceful Mind, Patient, Punctual, Polite and Professional... Image


First, what is Positive Thinking? Have you ever thought about this? You have your head, and it can do everything much more than you know. Some people just use their heads to wear hats, no more. Image Why don't you use it to think and think more positively as time goes by when you will be older...?


And second, how about Peaceful Mind? Though your work is so busy that you can relax yourself, you should not let your mind wonder! Image If you have stress, just quit it, and be peaceful...


Third, you must get yourself into the habit of being Patient. You can be unsuccessful many times in your whole life because of your overhastiness. Do not let yourself go off at half cock! Image


As you know, most of Vietnamese people were usually not Punctual when they have any date. Nowadays, they are influenced by the Western friends so they are almost on time... Image


Regard to Polite custom, I think all of you always want to be polite to everybody. Nothing can be reminded. Image


The last thing I want to talk to you is your Professional attitude. In your job, in your study, even in your relationships... you should be more professional than day after day. This will help you more, really! Image