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Friday, July 28, 2006

Central Highlands Cultures

Have a trip to the Central Highlands to discover unique ethnic cultures

Vietnam's Central Highlands boasts not only the natural beauty of imposing and romantic sites like the Yaly Waterfall in Gialai Province or Yok Don National Park in Daklak Province, but also rare cultural festivals of ethnic communities, such as the elephant race, spring festival, adult ceremony and the special gong festival.

To meet demands of many people who want to discover the region, Bến Thành Tourist is launching tours to Buôn Ma Thut City in Daklak for three days and two nights. Highlights of these tours will be gong performances and rượu cn, wine drunk out of a jar through pipes, as well as other highland delicacies.

Gongs are an invaluable tradition of Vietnam's ethnic community and are recognized as a world cultural heritage by UNESCO. According to the traditional thought of the Central Highlands, gongs can be used to contact Giàng (God). They must be only used in festivals or ceremonies. For example, at coming-of-age ceremonies and weddings, gongs always play an important role.

During the tour to Buôn Ma Thut, tourists will visit specific villages like Ako Dhong or Jun. Have you ever tried to travel around by elephant? The option will be offered to you in villages near Lak Lake, through primitive forests with many rare creatures. These forests were the regular stop of kings when they used to travel to Buôn Ma Thut in ancient times.

The tour then visits the impressive waterfalls along the well-known Srepok River. This is an ideal place for groups to have a picnic or a barbecue while sitting on enormous tree roots watching the flowing river and forest views.