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Friday, July 28, 2006

The Trip to Cambodia...

Hi everybody...

Three months ago I had a chance to make a trip to The Kingdom of Cambodia with my second degree class in International Relations. We departed on 29th of April and came back home on the 2nd in May, 2006. It was so exciting trip. I visited Watt Phnom, Angkor Watt community of temples, Tousleng prison, taste Prohok dish, rode on Tuktuk - a kind of push-cart which is pushed by a motorbike, ect... Many things are different, cute, and fascinated. I took many photos with my friends, you can see them on my page. Most Cambodian are poorer than Vietnamese, but they always smile with visitors. I am so surprised at their English, very good. Maybe it is because of their jobs, have to meet and talk to foreigners from all over the world in order to persuade them buy their products.

If you have a chance, I think you should travel to Cambodia. One of my friends, Mr. Kiệt, said that "If you never come to Cambodia, you never know what this country is exactly". Image