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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Enjoy Ice Cream...

Ice cream has become very familiar in HCM City and all over Vietnam, where the temperature may reach more than 30C these days and will soar much higher in the hot season. Enjoying ice cream on a hot day has become a frequent hobby of many city dwellers.

Ice cream is sold everywhere from pushcarts on the streets, popular ice cream shops, to luxury restaurants and hotels. Do you know the success of the ice cream is belonged to three factors: The first is quality ice cream. The ice cream is made naturally without any industrial materials, and most diners easily recognize the difference. The second factor is the warm and friendly atmosphere. Most of customers who were led to any shop by parents when they were young continue the habit by bringing their wives and children to the familiar shop. The third factor is price-good service and delicious ice cream without breaking the bank.

I am very fond of ice cream, in fact. Let your mind imagine: you are sitting in a romantic shop with your boyfriend under the light of a candle, tasting your love ice cream with a little syrup on top. Wow......... How do you feel? Image


Image Call your boy/girlfriend right away and invite he/she to go out for ice cream tonight...