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Friday, October 10, 2008

Time to remember you

For TA.

Last night, when I suddenly heard the love song "You forgot our winter" in the coffee shop, the first person I remembered right away, is you! And you was on my mind more and more clearly after my 24/7 friend told me about Madagui. It was the place where I met you, where you told me that you loved me, and where I put all my memory with you!

This morning, in my email box there are a lot of mails regarding our future charity program in Lam Dong province (Da Lat & Madagui). It is supposed to be in December, and I truly do not know that whether I will join the trip or not. Just be scared of - I will fall into our memories, think of you and miss you once again though I had tried my best to forget all, even you!

-- Biết em quên mùa đông, quên được tình xưa không?
Biết em quên mùa đông, quên được người xưa không?

Anyway, just think that it is the time to remember you, my ex!