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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Thoughts about New Year

A brand-new year will already be underway. Every January, I am amazed at how quickly another year has flown by as we once again find ourselves on the threshold of a new year full of fresh expectations, exciting promise, and of course, a variety of resolutions that we're determined to fulfill.

So accustomed are we, though, to thinking of the new year as a set of dates beginning with January 1 and ending with December 31, that we forget the "new year" that begins with each new morning. Every single day is a new beginning that is not dependent on calendars and is universal in its availability. Each and every week of a new year offers us no less than seven perfectly good starting points for fresh endeavors, each day no less than 24 hours and each hour no less than 60 minutes.

Yesterday is gone forever. Its events are fixed beyond change and whatever regrets we may have, we must leave them behind. Today is here, tomorrow is before us, and the opportunities they offer are limitless. This includes the many ways we can use our crochet talents to enrich the lives of friends, family and the less fortunate.

Make it a goal to crochet at least one item this year to donate to a charitable organization in your community. More than one would be wonderful, of course, but if many individuals each make only a single afghan, sweater, hat, scarf or pet blanket for homeless, crisis or pet shelters, all added up it makes a very big difference.

In 2007, we each have 365 happy and hopeful new days to make it a blessed, productive and crochet-filled year. By making the most of each and every day, it will indeed be a "Happy New Year."

Warm regards,