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Sunday, January 14, 2007

We seem...

Today has gone outside with friends from my old university. Come back to school, gone to a coffee shop, and chatted. Everything is so exciting, except one... Looked at everybody's faces... We talk and joke today, but tomorrow, when you all know about my relationship between H. and me, will we still keep things on?

I really don't know the way I do is right or wrong, but please give me more time and chances. I want to follow the beatings of my heart although where it pushes me into. Could you understand me, my friends?


Người ơi em muốn tin, tin tình yêu anh chân thành dù em cố giấu nước mắt và thứ tha khi còn yêu. Yêu người tha thiết nhưng người đâu biết. Em không tin ta đã cách xa ngày hôm qua...