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Friday, January 19, 2007

Tet - Chinese Lunar New Year is coming soon...

... Only one month later. I love Vietnamese Tet's holidays so much, really. Not because of lucky money, new clothes or something else... Just only I like it! Tet brings to me many special feelings, of course also a new year full of choices and happiness.

Make an annual report for the year 2006 myself . Think about what happened. Think about future. Ohhhhhh... Last year was a good year. Had many new friends, joined a course of second degree in International Relations, worked well, beloved, travelled to Nha Trang, made a trip to Cambodia... Too many things, more experiences, more challenges... Happiness, sadness and joyful - all in one year...

Ok, let me show you my to-do list for achieving new goals:

  • Improve my Korean skills (in fact, hear but can not understand what a Korean says when talking to him/her)
  • Listen VOA News more usually in order to can reproduce exactly what it says
  • Love someone much more, and hope that he loves me too
  • Try my best for whatever I love but have no time to do (watch movie/play, make handmade greeting cards, read books, travel...)
  • Train myself in how to control emotions
  • Save more and spend less (maybe for my wedding in 2008)
  • Keep my mind clean and clear (my friend advised me)
  • Spend more time to sleep, not stay up late
  • Eat, eat and eat to be fatter (now I am very thin)
  • Find a real good job and give myself a chance to try

Hey, look at... Tet is next to you!!! Wish you guys all the best! Happy New Year!

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