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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Bong bóng bay...

19PM. Riding motorbike out of Windsor. Saw T, wanted to talk to him and say "Happy New Year", but also was scared of something which I didn't recognize. So, just bypassed without look at him. Long time not see until today - the last day of this year 2006. Still not sure about our relationship! Love? Friendship? Brother and sister? Or just colleague?

The smell of New Year is coming. But what will happen in next year? Shall I get married? Or still alone? Shall I find my love? Or still looking for? When I was young, I used to buy a lot of balloons in New Year's Eve, make a wish, and give them back to the sky. Everybody said that when you do this, your wish will come true. Really? Just your belief! Balloon can NOT make your wish come true, but it can help you to believe much more in your life. Right?

Ok, some lines for tonight. Outside, the bell is ringing, and the song "Happy New Year" of Abba is being listened around the world. Thank you very much who is wasting your busy time to visit my blog and read my entry! Say Happy New Year, and smile!!!