Quote of the day


Thursday, August 17, 2006

Things to Remember...

- Remember, on a bad day you are almost never alone.

- Always try to help a friend in need.

- Close your eyes and smile at least once a day.

- Hold onto good friends. They are few and far between!

- Laugh often.

- Don't be overly concerned with your weight. It's just a number!

- Indulge in the things you truly love!

- Always try to see the glass half full.

- Meet new people even if they look different from you.

- Remain calm... even when it seems hopeless.

- Take lots of nap...

- Never be ashamed...

- Keep your head up...

- Enjoy expensive toys often.

- Remember, there is always someone who loves you more than you know.

- Give it your all, it will get better.

- Be weird whenever you have the chance.

- Pray!

- Always be up for surprises!

- Don't be afraid to express yourself!

- Cherish every Sunday!

- Love your friends no matter who they are.