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Saturday, July 29, 2006

A Flash Moment!!!

Just for you, A.N...

Saturday afternoon. I am sitting in my office, going through my Yahoo! Messenger list slowly, and alone! Everybody is offline. I want to talk to or chat with anyone, I feel so tired and bored, but I really can't. I am too exhausted! I miss you, don't you know? Just want to hold your face in my hand, get your sweet kiss and warm hug...

... It is too hard to have time for each other! That's the reason why I always respect all the time we have. Every moment is a golden moment. I know the ending of us but how come I control my feelings? Still be tender before you! Still walk into your heart although I am sure about my pain I will get. And I make myself hurt!

That are special feelings - never forget! I don't blame you on what you did to me, but I know I must keep the distance between us. Refresh myself, and let my mind clean and clear!


I wanna do something right for once in my life before it's too late and I give up the fight. Gonna bury my fears and I'll save the few tears because I'll do something right.