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Thursday, January 4, 2007

Nếu như yêu...

Last night was the forth times going outside with H. Didn't want to think about this, but must do. There is something happening between you and me, right? Perhaps love...??? Maybe not, but maybe right. We can not know exactly what will be in the future, so, let things be natural. Whatever will be will be...

Think a lot of you, me, our friends and our relationships. In this story, I believe we have no mistakes. Love is an unclear thing. It comes and goes away at the time it wants. We truly can not control our feelings, also love. That is the reason why I asked you "Let it be...", please! We should respect it, give and get it with all our hearts! Never mind no matter what happens, no matter how it comes, and no matter who we are!


Một sớm mai thức dậy, thấy lòng hết yêu là hết yêu...!!!

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